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The Battle of Boston ('BoB') is an elite hockey tournament series.  There are five (5) events in the series for ages ranging from 2000 to 2007 birth years, including women’s u8-u19. The goal for our tournaments is to provide elite players with a first-class experience with respect to competition level & exposure. 

The Battle of Boston is limited to the top 40 teams for each tournament in an effort to keep competition at its absolute highest and not water down the level of competition.

Unlike other tournaments that allow organization to enter 3-6 teams at each age level, the Battle of Boston limits organizations to two (2) entries per age level. While many organizations are playing in multiple tournaments held on the same weekends, their top talent in each division will only be showcased in the Battle of Boston. The BoB has screened each team and is only allowing the top teams into the series, while the lower level teams will play in other tournaments. 

Back for its second year, CCM Hockey has recognized the talent that attends the Battle of Boston showcase, and will be fully sponsoring the event. Each coach will receive a coaching kit, including backpack and gift card to local favorite restaurant, Mick Morgan’s. In addition--during the Spring Battle, Senior Battle and Junior Battles--for all the playoff rounds, both teams will be able to elect Players of the Game. These players will be awarded new CCM hockey sticks valued at $250. For the tournament MVP, the player chosen will be given a pair of custom made CCM Jet Speed skates, valued at $900.

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"CCM is pleased to be a sponsor of the Battle of Boston. This tournament is run by a great organization and will attract the top talent into the Boston area. The ability to provide CCM gear to this talented group of players, and talk to them about the latest CCM gear, is an exciting opportunity for our brand."


Bill Terski
North American Director for CCM

We have two rinks committed to hosting the events, Rodman Arena in Walpole, MA and the brand new Thayer Sports Center in Braintree, MA. We have a representative handling hotel assignments for all the teams attending that can take care of special requests you may have. Once registered, simply fill out the hotel request form in your confirmation email.

For additional details or questions please feel free to reach out at There is significant interest from organizations but with a capped number of spots we want to ensure we have the top teams in attendance.


Senior Battle

July 23-26 2020 ($2100)

Women's Battle

June 12-14 2020 ($1395)

Spring T1 Battle

May 8-10 2020 (Canceled)

Futures Battle

July 17-19 2020 (Canceled)

Junior Battle

July 30-Aug 2 2020 (Canceled)